2018 Seminars

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Taking Cider to Another Level: Understanding Intervention
Presented by: Barny Butterfield of Sandford Orchards, UK

You think you really know about cider? In this seminar, UK cider maker, Barny Butterfield, will demystify and deconstruct some hard wired cider dogma by sharing what he learned from the straw-presses and centuries of heritage cider makers and farmers in the far South West of England, via orchards of Brittany and the distilleries and cideries of Normandy, to a thriving collaboration with American craft-brewing luminary, Heavy Seas Beer. Barny will delve into what we already know and reveal some exciting results from new fermentation trials that he promises great things for in terms of global cider innovation.

About Barny Butterfield:
Fermenting cider since a schoolboy in 1994, Barny started Sandford Orchards in 2002. The company now employs 24 people, making whole-juice cider from vintage cider varieties grown on deep Permian Crediton Breccia in the world-renowned Devonshire Redlands. Barny, his wife, and two young sons make cider and farm around 300 acres - a classic mixed Devon farm with orchards, corn and pasture, rearing native organic Red Devon beef and organic chickens. This area where Barny calls 'home' is envied worldwide for the soils and micro-climate known for the quality of it's produce.

Barny was the 2010 Champion Cider Maker of Great Britain. He also served as the chairman of the South West England Cider Makers Association from 2016 to 2017. Barny is a cider judge for the International Beer and Cider Awards, International Cider Competition, and Royal Bath and West.

Cider Apples: Not What You Find In The Store!
Presented by: Tim Larsen of Snowdrift Cider Co.

Learn about the amazing world of cider apples! For millennia, cidermakers have been growing specific apples for making cider. These apples often look taste and smell very different from the apples we find in the grocery store. Rarely beautiful, they pack a ton of flavor and complexity in a small package. Learn about the critical role these apples play in traditional ciders as well as how important they are for healthier diets and biodiversity in the orchard. Questions are welcomed and encouraged!



About Tim Larsen:
Tim Larsen is the owner and cidermaker for Snowdrift Cider Co. Snowdrift Cider has been operating as a commercial cidery for a decade now and makes traditional ciders from apples grown on their farm. Located in the heart of apple country in sunny Central Washington, Snowdrift has deep ties to the land and has been orcharding for generations.