2018 Seminars

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3:30pm - Hard Cider in New England: Past and Present
Presented by: Shannon Edgar, Founder and Cider Maker of Stormalong Cider

Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area grew America's first apple trees brought over from Europe and, consequently, the area was home to some of the first American cider makers. In this seminar, learn about the history and evolution of both apples and cider in New England - like The Holbrook Cider Mill, the country's largest cider mill prior to Prohibiton which is just a short distance from Stormalong Cider.

About Shannon Edgar:
Shannon Edgar is the founder and cider maker of Stormalong Cider in Massachusetts. Stormalong has a small batch facility based on Shannon's farm, with eight acres, in Sherborn and a larger facility in Leominster. 

Before getting into cider though, Shannon spent 16 years in the music business, primarily based in Los Angeles, California.

4:00pm - Opportunities for Cider in a Craft Beer World
Presented by: Kyle Sherrer, Owner/Cider Crafter at Graft Cider & Owner at Millstone Cellars

Craft beer has taken America by storm and craft cider is poised with the correct guidance and innovation to do the same. In this seminar, learn about the thought process behind crafting ciders for the craft beer consumer and what path lies ahead for the craft cider industry. Specifically, you'll see how Graft Cider is using craft beer trends to create cider styles, collaborations, flavors, label design and more!

If you haven't already tried Graft during the festival, their ciders will also be available during the seminar.

About Kyle Sherrer:
Kyle Sherrer went to the University of Baltimore and graduated with a degree in finance but he spent all of his adulthood in the craft cider industry. He originally got into cider production when his father and him started Millstone Cellars in Maryland. At Millstone Cellars, Kyle focused on wild yeast fermented oak barrel aged ciders and made cider in the traditional European way inspired by the local terroir and sourcing all of the ingredients within 150 miles of the cidery.

While at Millstone, Kyle noticed the cider industry missing the opportunity to embrace crafting ciders that would entice the growing movement of sour beer consumers. Kyle then decided to open Graft Cider and craft ciders using traditional European cider making methods like fermenting with native yeast and bacteria living on the skins of apples for complex yeast and bacteria driven beverages that are dry, funky, and have an acidic bite. Further, Kyle employs techniques from craft beer like adding fruits, hops, spices and flowers to his ciders.


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