2016 Seminars

Please join us for one of the following seminars taking place in the "seminars" tents:

1:00pm - Cider Cocktails
Presented by: Eric dos Reis

Making cocktails is always fun but may not always seem easy especially when you try to swap out an ingredient for another. Learn how to make three complex, professional cocktails quickly and easily using hard cider in different ways - as the main ingredient, as an ingredient to swap, and/or as an added ingredient. Experienced bartender, Eric dos Reis, will walk you through recipes to make these cocktails and more at home! Recipes will be available on the website after the event.



2:00pm - Learn to Make Cider At Home!
Presented by: Members of the Handgrenades Homebrew Club

Homebrewing beer is a popular hobby today, but as cider sees a revolution in the United States, more and more homebrewers are trying their hand at making hard cider. Learn from both experienced and novice home cider makers as they teach you how to make one gallon of hard cider. They'll explain the methods they use and techniques in troubleshooting.



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