2013 Seminars
Free to attend! Located under the “seminars” tent.

1:30 - Building an Estate Cidery
Presented by:  Hank Frecon – President, Frecon’s Cidery

Back in the day, nearly all ciders were “estate ciders”. In fact cider was so important to Colonial Americans that one in every ten farms in New England operated its own cider mill by the time of the American Revolution. This seminar will discuss the modern start up and production models for developing an Estate Cidery. An Estate Cidery is not much different than an Estate Winery. Unlike making beer or cider beverages, production timelines are long starting with the first planting and ending with the last sip. Attend this seminar to learn about the techniques employed in producing a quality-crafted cider and the strategies involved in building the business and the brand.

About Henry “Hank” Frecon:
Hank Frecon, a former technology executive in media and entertainment industry, has his roots firmly planted in the apple and tree fruit industry. Growing up in the third generation of the family farm in Boyertown, Pennsylvania; Hank, like all his siblings worked in varying roles throughout his development years. Ultimately, leaving the farm for college life he later worked his way up the various ladders of the internet technology business and then the broadcast technology business. Upon seeing a need to continue the Frecon tradition of growing apples, he and his brother Steve decided to live a double life working in both the technology business and the farm. The two ultimately founded Frecon Farms an extension of the farm that focused on expanding the retail and direct marketing side of the business.

By relying on his developmental roots, his leadership record driving market share in the technology business, and personal affinity for quality fermented products; he led the start-up of Frecon’s Cidery in 2008, with the goal of building an estate cidery, whose fermented beverages relied 100% on the fruit grown by his father and master grower Henry Frecon. Combining the fermentation talents of his high school friend Jamie Bock, his brother’s sales and operational knowledge, and the marketing talent of his brother-in-law Josh Smith; Frecon’s Cidery is rapidly becoming one of the premier cider producers in the emerging Pennsylvania Cider Industry.

Most recently, Hank and his crew have started the Boyertown nano-brewery known as The Other Farm Brewing Company.

2:45PM - The Making of Hard Cider
Presented By: Adam Redding – Cider Maker, Good Intent Cider

Hard cider can be made several different ways and the process is continually modernizing but the basics are all the same. Brewing hard cider from sweet (nonalcoholic) cider is a process almost any cider-lover can do at home. Join us for this informative program to learn the essentials of cider making with a focus on equipment selection, analytical supplies, pumping/transferring, fermenters and filtration.

About Adam Redding:
Adam Redding is the cider maker for Good Intent Cider, a family-operated nano-cidery, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Good Intent Cider has been in operation since 2011 and currently produces full-juice ciders in both a standard variety and a bourbon barrel-aged variety.  By day, Adam works asa research scientist in the area of drinking water treatment and he applies this knowledge to cider production.  He received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University in 2008, with a focus on organic contaminant adsorption.

4:00PM – The Story of European Cider
Presented By:
Brendan Kingston, B-United International Inc.

Traditionally, American-style cider is sweeter and  brings back memories of country fairs and harvests; while European-style cider dials down the sweetness in exchange for a more varied flavor profile that is complex. In this program, we will focus on and discuss the various European cider styles produced in Spain and France, with a focus on natural production, culture and flavors produced.
About Brendan Kingston:
Having taught beer classes all over the Northeast, Brendan Kingston, a native of Wethersfield (CT), joined the B. United family in 2006. Since then, he has spent countless hours learning about beers through research and his travel to breweriesin both the US and around the globe. (This includes cider!) Outside of work, he performs improvised comedy and hosts a podcast about beer history.