2015 Seminars


1:30PM – How to Make Hard Cider
Presented By: Joe Getz of Co-Owner of Kurant Cider

Hard cider can be made several different ways and the process is continually modernizing but the basics are all the same. Learn the steps of making hard cider so you can try doing it at home yourself! In this seminar, you will learn the essentials of cider making.




2:30PM – Cider Making Supplies
Presented By:
Jason Harris, Owner of Keystone Homebrew Supply and Stone & Key Cellars

Everyone knows the cider is made from apple juice but there are many ingredients and general supplies that you need to make hard cider from presses to yeast. Join Jason Harris of Keystone Homebrew Supply to learn about the various types of equipment, juice, yeast, fermentation vessels and more so that you can make the special cider. Jason will walk attendees through the various types of supplies so that you can make sure you buy the right yeast to give that flavor your looking for and more!



3:30PM – Apples Just for Cider!
Presented By: Troy Lehman, Co-Founder of Big Hill Ciderworks

While a handful of apples make up a majority of supermarket sales in the United States, there are over 5,000 named varieties of apples. In this seminar, Troy Lehman of Big Hill Ciderworks will walk you through just some of the apples that are specifically used for cider making. Learn about the various types of apples that go into cider and the flavors they might give off, plus the type of cider they might produce. The cider apples that will be discussed are not the dessert apples you’ll find in the grocery store!